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Physician Employment Contract Review

Chelle Law provides Physician Employment Contract Review for physicians coming out of training or entertaining a new position.

Your Hard Work

As a physician, you’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You’ve built your practice and developed your skills. You’ve left nothing to chance and deserve respect and care. So when you are about to enter into an employment contract, getting contract review services is vitally important. The terms of the contract can impact your practice and your day-to-day life.

Getting Contract Review Services

A physician employment contract review is important as it can help in identifying areas that can be improved upon. It also assists you in negotiating an optimum contract.

By getting contract review services, you will discover they are designed with you and your concerns in mind. We offer flexible schedules to meet and a thorough review and education of any possible contractual pitfalls.

A physician should not enter into a contract without having the agreement reviewed by legal counsel first. You need to have someone protect your interests. You need a firm grasp of the key terms and their implications.

You Will Receive:

A review of the proposed employment agreement.

Consultation with a review of the contract term by term.

Assistance in negotiating with the employer.

Financial review using MGMA data.

What’s Really Important

Knowing you have professional and experienced help with an employment contract will enable you to take the stress out of trying to do a vital business transaction. You can then focus on what is really important – your patients.

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Safe and Fair Physician Contract Review

An attorney contract review generally costs between $500 to $700 per Agreement with discounts provided for multiple contracts. Attorney contract reviews are tailored to the specific needs of the physician.